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  Agriculture Brief Introduction
Steady progress was made in agriculture. The total output value of the primary industry was 14,840 million yuan, up 5.3% over the previous year. Remarkable progress has been made in the adjustment of agricultural structure.The cultivated area of traditional crop decreased more ,down 20.1%,and that of cotton decreased by near third. At the same time,all kinds of economic corn such as vegetables,fruits,medicinal materials have been rapidly developed. The cultivated area of this kind of crop increased 509,000 mu.Steady progress was made in fishery...
  Lastest Development
The peried of the ninth five years was the historical new phase that our city's agriculture and rural economy had made a steady progress in harmony.All kinds of agricultural and rural economical policy has been stabilized and perfected. Rural renovation was continuously deepened.The city attached importance to investment on the agricultural fundermental facilities . enhanced the progress of agriculture structer reform.The strategy of developing agriculture lying on Science and Technology is actively done. At the same time ,measures were made to...